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  1. Hi there,

    I have a dire prayer request that I was wondering if you could include on your Sunday prayer time. My co-worker’s wife is dying of alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. They lost a child a couple years ago which really sent them into a downward spiral. My co-worker is the nicest guy that would do anything for anybody. They live in Belton. I know they’ve had some church background—maybe Baptist, but I asked him if it’s to ok to submit his name for the prayer list.

    I’m new to Kansas City, but I grew up AG and am from Montana. I just transferred here in January. I travel a lot for work, but try to come when I am able. I would like to work up to going to the hospital and anointing her with oil as she is in and out of the hospital almost every week, but I just asked him today if I could add his name to the prayer list. Let me know what if there’s anything else I can do.

    Bless y’all!


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